Trade Customers

How to purchase from us
The prices displayed to store guests are the official RRP (Recommended Retail Price) by Spartan. As a trade customer, you will be able to buy these products at a discounted rate. However, we must first approve your account for 'Trade' membership which is a manual process. Once your account is approved you will be able to see and buy products at trade prices when you log in.
Trade customers can benefit from easy payments via PayPal and free delivery options. Other special offers may be available to you from time to time which will be able to see when you log in to your account.
Application Requirements
Applications are invited from owners of physical Model Shops or Internet Retailers.
To qualify as an Internet Retailer you must already have a fully functioning online store with an extensive range of RC related products readily available to purchase. When evaluating your application we expect to see various helicopters kits, blades, extensive range of spare parts, servos, radio equipment, etc. We do not provide trade accounts for individuals or businesses with eBay only stores.
If you do not have a functioning online store but you have a physical shop we will typically require some evidence before we approve your application. We may ask you for your company registration certificate, evidence of having trade accounts with other RC distributors or similar documents that indicate an RC related commerce activity.
Application Process
1. Register an account in our online store by clicking here.
2. Contact us via our store and request trade membership. To avoid processing delays please remember to include your business/shop name, country and website address if available.
3. We will upgrade your account to 'Trade' and we will email you when it is done. The discounted trade prices will appear when you log in.
Please note, we may pass your application to one of our distributors when a distribution agreement exists for your region. If you still prefer to order directly from Spartan please clearly state the reasons you wish to do so.
Important note for EU businesses: If you require zero-rating of the VAT based on the intra-community supply rules you must provide your VAT number when you register for an account in our store. This must be formatted as GB123456789 where the two first digits represent the member state (country) code. If we can't validate your VAT number and business information on the VIES website we can't zero-rate the VAT. It is a strict requirement that the shipping address for your orders is the same as the address shown on your VAT registration certificate.