256K UltraPAC (Discontinued)

256K UltraPAC (Discontinued)

“It is simply a work of art and one of the finest pieces of engineering you will see in R/C electronics.” (RCM July 2002, page 141)

This 256K UltraPac module provides storage capacity equivalent to four 64K CAMPacs and also the ability to activate the radios secret service menus. 
All UltraPAC modules are fully compatible with the following transmitters:

• All versions of Futaba 9Z, 9ZWC, 9ZWC2 (a.k.a. ZAP/ZHP)
• Futaba 10C (a.k.a. Field Force 10 or FF10)
• All versions of Futaba 9C (a.k.a. Field Force 9 or FF9)
• All versions of Futaba 8U (a.k.a. Field Force 8 or FF8)
• Robbe FC-18 with firmware v3 or newer
• Robbe FC-28 with firmware v3 or newer
Key features:
  • Large memory capacity equivalent to four individual 64K CAMPacs.
  • Fully compatible with all Futaba transmitters which support the 64K CAMPac memory expansion.
  • Integrated device self-test.
  • Integrated memory integrity test.
  • Works as the electronic key needed to gain access your transmitter’s secret service menus.
  • Integrated memory bank erase feature gives you a fresh start when needed.
  • Individual write protection for each memory bank.
  • Competitive price.

* Availability and features offered by the service menu is dependant on radio type.

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